As a website owner, you must be aware of SEO and how important it is to generate web traffic and lead generation to your websites. But what are the most efficient ways to incorporate SEO into their website content and design?

Let us help you get started with one of the very basics of successful SEO, Keyword Ranking. 

What is Keyword Ranking?

Keywords are the groups of words and terms that a user is most likely to enter during an internet search. For example, if one wants to buy a TV online, they are most likely to search for terms like ‘buy tv online’ ‘best tv to buy online cheap’ and similar phrases. So, a search algorithm will try to sweep through the internet for content that matches closest to the keywords entered and will present the search results with websites that have the best match on top of the search results

If you are an online TV seller and you know which keywords are used by customers to search for such products, you are required to optimize your content in accordance with them for SEO. 

But there are many ways to search for a particular item. Keyword ranking allows you to find the most probable and popular keywords to make sure your SEO efforts are fruitful. 

Keyword rankers will help you filter out your choice of keywords and concentrate only on keywords that ensure a good SEO ranking

Why Should You Have A High Ranking? 

Most users don’t have the patience to look at all pages of a search result. They click on what they see on the first page. So getting there is very crucial for an online business.

Making sure you work with the right keywords is a way to ensure your ranks get higher in search engine result pages. 

How to Check Keyword Ranking?

You can make use of existing keyword research tools provided by Google AdWords to check the performance of your keywords. Keyword research tools will be able to give you a keyword ranking report to help you choose your words wisely and build your website around them. 

But most of the paid tools despite their accuracy and keyword research capabilities are targeted to one particular search engine or are provided as expensive paid services. 

But worry not, as there are many free keyword ranking tools available that can still give comprehensive information on keywords usage and raking reports. is one such amazing tool that provides free keyword rank checking services to know the position your keywords are expected to have in Google search engine results. – The Best Keyword Rank Checker

Rankchecker is a Google rank checker that allows you to find keyword rankings and check keyword positions relevant to Google search results. It is completely free to use and is available for use within any country and language. 

All you have to do is enter your keywords, website URL and the country-specific search engine you need the ranking report for. Your keyword rank report will be automatically sent to your email id entered. 

This SEO checker has a good set of features that allow you to check your domain keyword ranking. You get to see how well you are performing against your competitors by checking the performance of your keywords. 

Rankchecker also provides mobile-specific keyword ranking as Google’s mobile ranking works differently from desktop ranking. This lets you optimize your content for all types of devices and stay ahead of the competition in both the spaces. 

As the keyword ranking reports are provided location-wise, you get to improve your local rankings and get accurate data to maximize your lead generations. 

Tips On Using Rank Checker

Although Rankchecker is great and all, here are quite a few ways to make sure you get the best out of this free tool and attain the best ranking.

Here are some ways to personalize a ranking tool, Rankchecker. 

  • Form your keywords based on real private data. 

Your list of keywords should be personalized to your website, accurate and relevant to the services you provide. Then try checking the rank for these keywords. 

  • Focus on long-tail keyword ranking. 

Long keywords are more specific and reflect a targeted search by the users. So choosing a longer phrase that accurately describes your specific offering will be a great way to increase your web traffic. Longer keywords also intend to have lesser competition. 

  • Organize your keywords into groups based on relevance. 

Again there are few free tools that help you do this efficiently. Keyword groups can help you achieve better click-through rates in your PPC ads and improve your content structure. 

The Wrap Up

As is evident, SEO keyword ranking is essential, and it is necessary to track keyword ranking with free keyword rank checkers like Rankchecker to keep a close eye on your SEO campaigns.

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