Your SEO strategy is incomplete if you are not doing proper keyword research to tap on the trends in the market and monetize them. 

Keyword research takes you closer to the researcher’s intent and helps you analyze the search terms that your target audiences are using to search for a business like you. Keyword research also ensures that you stay on top of the competition, and target the best keywords that will drive the most revenue. 

This is when keyword tools help you out by helping you perform the best keyword research. These keyword tools will give you the power to stay ahead of competitors and identify new and better ways of marketing to your audience.

Best Keyword Research Tools


Don’t limit your keyword ideas to just one platform. Soovle lets you transcend the boundaries of search engines and social media and collects keywords for you from Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Bing, and the like. You get the combined power of these highly used search engines all in one place and work with keywords that your competitors don’t have access to.

The tool comes with handy features like saving your keyword ideas or even saving ideas that you can use in future content. You can also export your research in a convenient CSV file to fuel your decision-making process. It’s a powerful tool full of fantastic features that should be in every marketer’s toolkit.


If you need a tool to help you with keyword search that shows up the highest traffic, this is what you use. They have done a great job of including keywords that are related or lateral. The tool is very intuitive, and you can get unique suggestions that you will not usually get in other tools.

You get access to fantastic features such as the priority of the keyword, which tells you how many clicks you can generate from the click. It also shows you organic CTR, which will let you check out the future. You can find out how many clicks you will get on your page if you have ranked on the top 10 of the Google search results. 

You can also find out keywords that will get you the best traffic, which can be really beneficial for any marketer. It is, however, not a standalone keyword research tool, and you have to pay for the entire suite to be using it.


Know what you want to create content on, but not sure about which keywords to use? Get thousands of related keywords on your fingertips. Really, we are talking thousands. The tool is simplistic, but its brilliance is that it gives you the straight-up keywords in bulk, which can be very handy if you are trying to generate ideas quickly and need to push out as much content to create a presence as possible. It also shows you how many websites are competing for the keyword.

The key to ranking high for a keyword is to choose keywords that have a moderate amount of traffic. High traffic keywords have a very high number of websites competing for it. To get noticed, you need to nail down which keywords you will be focusing on. The price is about $50 a month, and there is a free trial version that you can test out too.

Google Search Console

The key benefit of this tool is you can find out opportunity keywords. What is the difference between normal and opportunity keywords, you ask? This is the key to finding out those keywords that have very high search volumes, yet very few websites competing for it. It is at the sweet spot, and you can easily use it to increase your traffic because you will rank high by using opportunity keywords. And that makes this one of the most powerful keyword research tools.

You can also get other exciting features like a performance report for your website, which will show you exactly how many clicks your web page is getting.


Ahrefs is the pioneer of this field, and they have recently brought out their keyword explorer feature, which can really help out both new and seasoned SEO strategists. You not only get a list of active keywords, but you also get to view the detailed information of each of these keywords. This keyword finder also gives you straight up answers to questions like how many backlinks you need to be able to rank on the first page of Google, which is really helpful to design your SEO.

Google Keyword Planner

This is a free keyword tool by Google, which is enough reason to use it already. But that is not all. The tool is clunky, and it has way too much information than you can ever need or use. The database is also simply huge. So what’s the point of using it? Because the data you are getting in this tool comes straight from Google, so there is no better way to be sure of the authenticity and quality of the data than this. 

You can see keyword density, how much competition there is for a keyword, how much people are spending on each click for a keyword. It is simple, reliable, and optimized for Google Ads.


SEMrush is also pretty brilliant and unique. In most keyword research tools, you enter a keyword and get a list of ideas. In this tool, you can get keywords by competitors and find out how they are getting high ranks, why you are not, so you can catch up by improving your SEO. 

You get a section for organic keywords, which will let you see the top 5 keywords that are giving you the most traffic for a competitor. The strength of the tool is really dominant when you are trying to research your competitors. 

If you already have an SEO up and running and trying to up your performance, you can get some excellent real-time information that can elevate your marketing efforts and give you an edge over others. Why reinvent the wheel when you can just reuse the successful tactics at your fingertips?

And What Do You Do After Keyword Research – Track Your Rankings

So, when you are done with the keyword research, and are analyzing the success of your SEO strategy, you need a tool that can help you track keyword rankings. That’s when helps you out.

Trying to become the next big website for any topic? You need the help of a professional keyword rank checking service like that will help you unleash the SEO potential of your website. 

There are many exciting features of this free keyword ranking tool, but the most impressive is that you get a comprehensive keyword checking. Most keyword research tools don’t check ranking for mobiles or desktop devices separately. But you can see that in this tool and cater to your audience based on where they are most active.

You can also keep track of your page performance by having an eye on your keyword ranking. Know how well your content is doing in comparison to your competitors to get a more accurate reading of how your marketing campaign is performing. 

For a free tool, Rankchecker really impresses by bringing its unique suite of features in a collated platform that every marketer can capitalize on.

The Wrap Up

So, this is our list of the best keyword research tools free that must have your attention. All these tools will help you with keyword searches, and help your business get better rankings on the search engine.

What are your views on this? How many of these tools have you already tried? Let us know in the comments below.

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