Keyword ranking is basically your webpage’s position in a search query over a search engine for a particular keyword. When a user enters a keyword in the search query, your webpage is displayed to the user according to its standing in the keyword ranking. The ranking is based on your usage of the keyword in the content, headings, and image descriptions.
SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages are the webpages that are displayed to a user when they search for a particular term on a search engine. These SERPs are unique even for the same keywords on the same search engine. SERP ranking plays a vital role in bringing traffic to your page from search engines.
Yes, keyword rankings are not the same for desktop and mobile platforms. To be accurate, there is a fluctuation of more than 40 percent between keyword standings between the two platforms. Mobile and desktops, thus are two separate entities for keyword rankings.
Keyword rankings on Google may change due to several different reasons. The main cause of a drop or a rise in your rankings could be one of the following: *Changes made by a competitor to their SEO *Changes in Google’s algorithms *SERP fluctuations You can get ahead of these changes with regular observation of keyword rankings.
Searching a keyword or your brand name will not give you an indication regarding your ranking on Google because of the algorithms associated with SERPs. You can use RankChecker for this purpose though. With RankChecker you have 2 choices: 1. You can use our frontend tool for 1 specific keyword per domain. It is easy to use; You need to enter the domain, location, device type, the keyword, and your email. In a few minutes, results will be posted to you via email. 2. Register with us and check up to 50 keywords for one domain. Also, keyword ranking will be updated daily. Note: RankChecker is free, so no Credit Cards required!
You need to install the badge to the site for the service to function properly. Without the badge installed on the site, RankChecker will not be able to get your daily rankings. You will still be able to get the first check for keyword rankings when the keywords are added. To get daily rankings, you will need to install the badge though.
The badge is lightweight and does not have any effect on your website. It is designed such that it does not slow down your website and it loads its image from a CDN. It is completely safe and reliable.
You cannot compare keyword rankings against your competitors using RankChecker as of yet, but we are working on it. Register with us and we will let you know when we have competitive analyses for you!

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