Keywords are important tools that help you to soar high in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). If your website is showcased in the top results of a query then it is sure you will have more audience, fame, and success. 

Right keywords are crucial and are hard to find, the reason is the ever-changing Googles’ algorithm updates. With every update, you have to remodel your way of working. 

To have your hands on the right keywords it is important to run keyword research. Uncovering, examining the words which people enter into google while searching for specific answers is known as keyword research. 

Keyword research also holds a vital place in knowing what your audience is searching for. This meaningful knowledge will let you realize what will be your strategy for the content you will publish in the future.

You get to know the topics of interest among your users. This is the information everyone yearns for because this enables them to produce what is known as quality content. 

Keyword Research Tools

Most people search results for their keywords simply on Google. Doing so they only check the first page and don’t even bother to look at the second page. 

There you may face an issue. There is a chance that your article may be ranking very low and don’t appear on the first two pages. In this way, you will not only be unaware of ranking but also plenty of useful information that is important for SEO which is in turn crucial for online success.

So it’s advised to use keyword research tools to alleviate your knowledge about ranking that will help you to improve your knowledge.

Let’s have a look at those tools one by one:

Google Search Console

Google Search Console was formerly known as Webmasters Tool. This tool is offered by Google to help webmasters grow their audience and check ranking of websites.

You can access information like search results, click-through rate, impressions, position, and many more. You can check your keyword position by clicking on the performance report and then further clicking on the average position score.

It will load all information in a spreadsheet which you can export and read later.


Ahrefs is a famous tool among professionals to help them with keyword research. It is a widely used tool and helps professionals and new users alike.

It has an easy to use interface which makes it popular. All you have to do is enter your domain name in the search box to get a detailed report. A neat report will appear with graphs and charts. 

In the report, you’ll see keywords and it’s search volume, ranking position, and keyword density, and much useful information like this.


SEMRush is a pack of all important tools that makes it one of the best SEO and keyword research tools. 

You can get keyword ranking results for any number of domains. It will automatically fetch all the articles and will show you detailed results for all articles. All you have to do is enter the domain name and you’ll get a ton of information about it. To get the list of all keywords your website is ranking for you just have to click on the organic research tab. 

You can also check the keyword position of your competitor and get to know about their paid search traffic, paid keywords, and other beneficial information that you can use to your benefit and alleviate your performance. 

Before we move on to discover if a website is using the right keywords, let’s discover how to find the right keywords.

How To Find Right Keywords? 

Once you have run keyword research you will have an idea of which keywords will work for you. There will be a list of keywords and you will have to choose best from them. But how will we know about the best ones? Let’s talk about it.

First of all your keywords must be relevant. Irrelevant keywords are not gonna work and they will alienate your content from users. While if relevant keywords are used your website will have chances of higher ranking. Other than keywords you can use  rank checker to know about website ranking. The relevance of keywords ensures that your content provides the best answer to the query asked. The relevance of keywords will determine the right keywords that match your SEO strategy and match with your content.

Monthly search volume (MSV) will help you to choose the keywords that will suit you as it shows how many times a keyword is searched in a month. So avoid using keywords that are not in monthly search volume to get higher traffic. 

There are two types of keywords: long-tail and head terms. Short up to two to three words in length are known as head term keywords while long-tail keywords have a length of more than three words and contain phrases even. 

It’s significant to use the mix of both long-tail and head terms keywords to have the right keywords. It guarantees that you have short term wins in rankings and long term benefits. No doubt that long-tail keywords will get you fewer but regular users and your conversion rate will soar high. 

Before using a specific keyword run a search about what keywords your competitors are using. This will help you to further analyze your list of keywords. 

If you are planning to use the same words your competitors are using then ponder how to use those words differently in an attractive way. Also, there is a chance for you to make use of the keywords that your users are missing and make an impact in the market. 

Use Google keyword planner to further shortlist the keywords. Once you have followed all the steps discussed above surely you’ll get the right keywords. It is advised to keep checking Google rankings to get a good idea where to work more. 

How To Check If Your Site Is Ranking For Right Keywords With RankChecker

Once you have used the right keywords now you have to check keyword ranking. You must know how to use a rank checker to keep a check on your keyword rankings, a trusted website rank checker.  Rank Checker will answer the long asked question “what keywords am I ranking for?” 

Rankchecker is trusted by many websites all over the world and is free to use. Let it be clear that it is a RankChecker tool and not a keyword research tool. Till now over 1000 users have benefitted from the free services of RankChecker. 

Another amazing feature is that you check both mobile phone and desktop rankings. Remember that these two are different from each other. It has checked over 1200 domains and provided them with all the important information. It avails you to check page rank as well. 

Always remember whatever niche you are working on whether it is content writing or e-commerce store you have to check keywords ranking from time to time, and ensure the right use of keywords, anchor text when adding links as these things will uplift your performance.


If you yearn to get on top then work on keywords and religiously run keyword research to get to the right keywords. Once you get the right keywords you will be soaring high in the list. Use trusted tools like the rank checker to check if your website is using the right keywords by getting your hand on rankings  using  keyword rank checker. Hope the article helped you and you enjoyed reading it. 

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