Writing a lot of SEO articles and still having problems with your rankings? That is nothing to worry about when you can just work on what we have for you in this SEO content guide for better rankings.

It all starts with a little direction and knowledge of what you aim to accomplish with the content you are going to create. It is not just about writing thousand-odd words to put on your website. It is about the value your blog can add to your business.

How do you even determine the value and the direction? It starts with little steps. You need to begin with little tweaks to the way you are already writing and delivering your content to the public.

No doubt, you might be creating good content and you might be abiding by the common SEO rules. SEO content writing is not just about adding LSIs and search terms to your content. It is about how well you deliver it to the audiences.

The best content for the site is not the content that is the fanciest. It is not even about how well you work with jargon and words to bring out something interesting to read. You need to make sure whatever you write is easy to find for your target audiences.

SEO content is basically meant to bring traffic to your website and that is what we are going to help you with, in this blog. We have been writing a lot, but we have been going by ‘the book’ that we will share with you in this blog.

Basically, ‘the book’ is 10 great SEO blog tips to make sure that your content reaches out to maximum audiences without being given a push through advertisements. Let’s get rolling then?

How to write SEO content in a modern way?

If you have not ranked well in the past with your content, that is not going to be the case for the future. You are going to shuffle a few things and revamp your content creation and curation strategies to get more out of your blogs.

The first step is knowing where you stand and that is where our first tip for the day comes in. The book says that you have to make sure you know where you stand and how your content is doing before you can make changes to your strategies. But, how do you do it right?

1. Check your rank regularly

If you don’t know how your content is performing, you really need to rethink how you are going about this whole content and SEO thing. You need to make sure you know the performance of your content on a daily basis.

You can simply start with using a free rank checker for your website and later on if you feel you need more, you can go for something premium too. A free keyword rank checker helps with determining your content’s quality relative to SEO and results.

You can use Rank Checker for that purpose and look at how your content is performing and how the keywords are helping you get more audiences.

If you have it in place, you can really start to measure the current and future performances for your content. You can know what keywords work better and if they do, how much impact they can have.

Rank Checker is simple and you can learn to use the rank checker to your SEO benefits without having to do a lot of hard work. Bob Casinos started to use it as a keyword rank checker online and they got their content priorities refined in a matter of a few days.

2. Add some loops

It is something our book is very much adamant about. You need to start focusing on adding some loops to keep your audience intrigued and interested in the content. 

You can start by explaining almost everything and not everything. That little difference is the loop addition. You can then make the reader find the answer in another blog on your website and this increases chances for conversions.

3. Know your content Type

Content-type matters a lot when you are dealing with business niches that are more or less bound within a niche. This very filter applies to almost every business in the world.

Your content needs to be in cohesion with whatever your business requires. You can write blogs, create products, list services, add landing pages, and so on and so forth. It is here that you choose your stalwart for the content battle on search engines.

4. Have the right style

When you are working with words, it matters a lot if you are delivering your work in the right way. Delivery depends on the style of your content which can be as simple as a tone of discussion or complex as a content format.

Usually, guides and help files are in the form of lists that are numbered to help you to determine what you exactly need to do to accomplish whatever task the list defines. Hence, the style matters a lot.

5. Know how intent works

Who do you want to reach out with your content? This might seem like audience determination, but it’s not that. This is the intent and angle of approach that we are talking about.

You decide how your content is going to approach your target audience and what effect you want to produce. A guide might only target at a download, on the other hand, a landing page would desire leads. Make sure you know the intent of the content clear.

6. Rank higher by looking at the higher ranks

With many companies suffering lowering in their search rankings after the recent Google core update, you should try to look at competitors and higher-ranked businesses to make your rankings better. 

You need to make sure you know what your competitors are doing to be successful to make more out of all this. Just determine their strengths and deploy them to your business to get better results.

7. Improve your CTR with Title tricks

What good is your content and your ranking if people are not clicking your content and visiting your website? How do you really work on the CTR?

It is just about 2 main things: Title and the Meta description. You need to make the title captivating and the meta description a little descriptive and very intriguing. If those two things are done rightly, your content will get more clicks from searches for sure.

8. Keep it simple and clear

Only 8 percent of US readers can read and comprehend college-level English and that can be a tricky part of content creation. You can’t make it robotic and you can’t really go above and beyond.

You need to make sure that your work is well within the reading and understanding capabilities of your targeted audiences. This step makes sure your content is being read and not being phased out without a reason. 

9. CTAs contribute to outcomes for sure

Content created for a website is not just about fancy writing techniques, but this is about getting audiences down your funnel and making them buy what you sell.

We recommend at least two CTAs in short posts and 3 in longer posts to get audiences interested in what you are looking to sell or offer. It seems right, doesn’t it?

10. Use the hierarchy of need

You need to determine if your content is needed or not. You can’t be talking about something that is more fancy learning than the acquisition of a skill or knowledge necessary to the business.

Write about things that people need to know about. Write about problems and title them so. Use the current year in the title to make sure people know your solution to the issues is recent and up-to-date.

Once you have narrowed it all down to the content that is needed, there are higher chances that it will start to bear fruit for your business too.

How all this SEO content writing works then?

Once you start doing things by this simple book, you will see better results from your content. You will see better rankings, higher CTRs, and more value being offered by your content. 

Make sure your content is well-written, free from errors regarding quality, quantity, or targeting. With this accomplished, you can focus on other things like how well is your business doing recently. 

Just start by keeping a check on your rankings and registering for Rankchecker. After that, you can use these tricks to rank higher in searches.

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